Who Is New Yitty?


Having set the bar high on his debut mixtape New Jack Yitty, New Yitty has proven that he is well equipped with the tools to be a staple in the Rap World.  A product of the East New York section in Brooklyn, Yitty inherited his ear for music from his late father, a locally recognized D.J. Yitty discovered his rap gift while exiting high school and honed in on it more seriously in college by battle rapping and doing shows. Unfortunately also while in college, New Yitty encountered one of the biggest lessons of his life; one that would eventually lead to four years of incarceration.  New Yitty was arrested & convicted of "Possession with The Intent to Distribute in association with a Firearm" in West Virginia. He was sentenced to 5 years in Federal Prison where many thought his dreams of making it in the rap game would be brought to a complete halt!

Not easily defeated he continued to advance his rap skills in prison where his moniker, New Yitty (New York) was born.  Yitty has become the epitome of self-made, self-motivated and hardworking.  Founder of his own imprint, 24-7 Music Group, New Yitty has gathered first hand knowledge of the business side of the Hip Hop game.  Allowing experience to be his greatest teacher he has put in mountains of footwork.  Developing relationships, building his brand as an artist and earning respect as an MC with follow up projects such as New Yitty State Of Mind & Underrated, New Yitty is a force to be reckoned with.

New Yitty

Once again in a familiar groove, New Yitty is currently putting the finishing touches on his latest project, Mr. Twenty4Seven. His collaborative efforts over years includes a Who's Who in Hip Hop. Having worked with Sean Price, Uncle Murda, Jim Jones, Yo Gotti, Fred The Godson and more, his buzz has grown exponentially.  Working with the likes of well known producers such as Buda The Future & Grandz, Illatracks and She Did It Again, New Yitty's sound is easily identifiable and reflective of where he is from… New York. Versatile as a songwriter, New Yitty is influenced by the legends who have called his city their home. With an impressive discography as an independent artist, New Yitty has all the confidence that he can once again deliver what Hip Hop needs.

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